Ascension Parish unveils Open Finance

Staff Report

Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment and his administration unveiled Open Finance, their latest innovation in transparency and accountability.

Ascension Parish government recently unveiled its Open Finance program.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am that this administration took this idea from our transition team from concept to reality. I promised the residents of Ascension Parish an open and transparent parish government. To help fulfill that promise, this Open Finance system provides you with access to the finances of Ascension Parish Government,” Cointment said.

Open Finance is an online tool that anyone with access to the internet can use to examine all of the Parish’s financial information. To ensure data integrity, information is being introduced in phases starting with the “Operating Budget Revenues and Expenses” financial account information. The information is presented in a user-friendly format, and viewers can get as specific as they want in looking for information.

The next phases will include vendor transactions as well as payroll information, all of which will be added to the Open Finance site.

Open Finance is easily accessible on the Parish web site. There are also links on the main page, and on the Finance Department’s web page.

Treasurer and CFO Patrick Goldsmith presented the application at an unveiling ceremony at the Parish Governmental Complex. He credited Cointment with facilitating the idea, and the administration, Finance staff, and the IT Department with making it a reality.

“None of this was possible without a tremendous team effort. I always say, if you want to solve a complex problem, pack the room with smart people and get to work. I know a lot of you hear me talk about our smart people as superstars. Well, I am proud to have so many superstars in this organization,” Cointment said.