Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office goes to body cameras for deputies

Staff Report

Sheriff Bobby Webre made the decision to introduce body-worn cameras to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2020. After making the pitch, the Mayor of Donaldsonville and the City Council were quick to offer their support both publicly and financially.

Webre recently sat down for a discussion with Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan about the implementation of the body-worn cameras throughout the parish.

Shown are Ascension Parish Captain Darryl Smith, Lt. Col. Donald Capello, Sheriff Bobby Webre, Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Council members Reginald Francis, Lauthaught Delaney, Michael Sullivan, and Rev. Charles Brown.

Webre said implementing a body-camera system gave his office an opportunity to adopt best practices and standards in law enforcement.

"Let's be that professional agency we know we can be," the sheriff said during the conversation.

He added that he researched the data on body-worn cameras and looked into the best equipment to use for law enforcement.

"To be honest with you, I was listening to young deputies and supervisors who asked, 'When are we going to get this piece of equipment? We think it's viable, and we think it can help us. We're not afraid of the public seeing what we're doing,'" Webre said.

The City of Donaldsonville purchased all body worn cameras for the deputies who worked District One Patrol, which includes the City of Donaldsonville. The total was $109,000.

“I want to personally thank Mayor Leroy Sullivan, councilmen Raymond Aucoin, Reginald Francis, Lauthaught Delaney, Rev. Charles Brown, and Mike Sullivan for their steadfast support of law enforcement and their continued support of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office,” Webre said.

The sheriff’s office has since added body cameras to all patrol deputies in Ascension Parish since 2020.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre poses with newly-promoted Staff Sergeant Dwight Wright.

Wright promoted

The sheriff also announced the promotion of Staff Sergeant Dwight Wright at Donaldsonville City Hall.

Wright has served for well over 20 years with the office. He is in charge of civil operations in Donaldsonville and the surrounding area.