FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance teams arrive in Ascension Parish

Staff Report

FEMA teams are in route to Donaldsonville, Gonzales, Sorrento, and the unincorporated areas of Ascension Parish to work with anyone affected by Hurricane Ida.

FEMA DSA Team meets with Ascension Office of Emergency Preparedness before deploying into the parish.

FEMA DSA (Disaster Survivor Assistance) teams will be canvassing the parish, beginning today, to assist residents with FEMA inquires, FEMA registration, and guidance regarding claims submitted to FEMA.

The team met with Ascension’s Office of Emergency Preparedness staff earlier this morning to learn about the parish and the needs of the people and to get a general lay of the land.

The teams will not follow any set schedule or route, but will be traveling the entire parish.

They will be wearing easily recognizable identification. A complete list of FEMA benefits available, and ways to register for them, can be found at