Ascension Parish launches website to aid in storm debris pick-up efforts

Staff Report

Ascension Parish’s administration has put together a website with information regarding storm debris pickup. This will provide details on how debris should be separated, organized, and placed, in order to be serviced.

The site also lists specifics on how to dispose of any debris in black garbage bags at Lamar Dixon. Within the website, a GIS web map has been prepared to assist in tracking the general location of where these efforts are:

  • Working (in-progress)
  • Planned
  • When first pass has been completed
  • When the area has been cleared

In the future, the site will contain the option to self-report debris piles that may have been missed. The site is designed and built by the parish's GIS team and may be accessed via phone or computer at:

If there are any questions or comments, residents are encouraged to contact the Citizen Service Center at (225) 450-1200.

Residents do not call to be put on the list for debris pickup – crews will be picking up on all roads and will make several passes.

“Once again I can't tell you how proud I am of our citizens and I will make sure this debris pick-up continues until everyone in this entire Parish has their debris removed,” Parish President Clint Cointment said.

According to The Ascension Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness; “We want residents to know that debris is being picked up each and every day. We want residents to understand that our contractor, DRC, will be working until the job is done to remove our debris to help us recover. This website provides a way to see the progress of that.”