Ascension Parish finalizing hurricane debris removal

Staff Report

Officials with Ascension Parish Government have announced that DRC Emergency Services, the contractor engaged to remove storm debris, is finalizing plans to complete operations on Oct. 31.

Ascension Parish will shut down its hurricane debris website Oct. 25.

Officials are asking residents who still have debris remaining to register it for removal by Oct. 25.

Registration can be in one of two ways: on the Parish website,, or by calling the Citizens Service Center at (225) 450-1200 during normal business hours.

Residents have the remainder of this week and the weekend to put their storm debris on the right-of-way for removal. After 5 p.m. Oct. 25 the website will be closed.

Residents are still being asked to separate vegetation debris - such as branches, limbs, twigs, and leaves - from construction and demolition debris, and place them in the road and street rights-of-way for pick up. Debris crews cannot go onto private property to retrieve debris.