One-way traffic details released for Christmas Eve bonfires in St. James Parish

Staff Report
St. James Parish officials provided a map showing the one-way traffic flow for the Christmas Eve bonfires on the levee.

The annual south Louisiana tradition of bonfires on the Mississippi River levee will return in 2021 in nearby St. James Parish with a one-way traffic flow.

The change will occur beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m. with the lighting of the bonfires taking place at 7 p.m. The one-way traffic route begins at Hwy. 3213 near the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and continues north along Hwy. 44, which is also known as River Road.

Traffic will travel north along Hwy. 44 in the northbound lane of travel with traffic ending at Hwy. 642. The southbound lane of Hwy. 44 between the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and Hwy. 642 will be reserved for emergency and law enforcement vehicles only.

Vehicles will be allowed to enter and exit along any roadways off Hwy. 44 at any point along the route, however, vehicles entering Hwy. 44 will be directed to take a right only.

The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office will increase policing of parking along surface streets that serve as major connecting roadways between Hwy. 44 and Hwy. 3125 to prevent a stop in the flow of traffic.

Sheriff Willy Martin advised in a news release to arrive early and refrain from parking along major surface streets and use extreme caution when walking along Hwy. 44.