Donaldsonville water customers urged to prepare for cold weather

Staff Report
Donaldsonville residents urged to prepare for cold weather.

Officials with Parish Utilities of Ascension and ACUD No. 1 are urging their water customers, and everyone, to prepare for the expected freezing temperatures in the coming days.

According to the National Weather Service, low temperatures in Ascension Parish are expected to be in the mid-20s tonight and again Saturday night.

Customers are urged to protect exposed pipes and are asked to help to conserve water by not running faucets beyond a slow drip during freezing times. People also are encouraged to check on their neighbors, particularly the elderly and shut-in.

“Remember the Five Ps,” said President Clint Cointment. “Protect People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants.”

The emergency telephone number for water customers is 225-450-1078.