Our Lady of the Lake Children's Health announces expansion of developmental medicine

Staff Report

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health announced the acquisition of McMains Children’s Developmental Center, a nonprofit, outpatient pediatric therapy clinic that has long-served the greater Baton Rouge area. 

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Children’s Developmental Center at McMains adds to the service line of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Developmental Medicine and brings the expertise of occupational therapists, educational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, and other supporting staff to support children with developmental needs.

According to a news release, this will expand offerings using the latest technology and integrative therapy to meet unique needs that enhance the everyday lives of children and their families.

“McMains Children’s Developmental Center has an established reputation for supporting children and families in our community,” stated Alston E. Dunbar, III, M.D., President, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health. “We are excited to bring them into the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health network. Together we will expand our pediatric development and therapy services. We will increase our bandwidth for therapies that improve the scope of care that we are able to provide for all Louisiana children and their families.”

For nearly 70 years, McMains Children’s Developmental Center has advanced the quality of life for children and their families by providing physical, developmental, academic and communication services.

An offering unique to McMains is the adaptative therapy program that helps children with severe neuro-motor disorders learn how to participate in household activities through assistive technology. With this program, parents can also learn how to bring these activities home to integrate their child’s therapy into daily life.   

“This new partnership will allow us to expand the work started by our organization and the McMains family over 68 years ago,” stated Anne Hindrichs, McMains Executive Director. “We are excited for this transition that will better serve our patients and their families. This new partnership was necessary to ensure continued growth of McMains and to help children become as independent as possible using the tools of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, which has a proven track record in delivering quality care and services to our community.” 

“The patients and families of the Children’s Developmental Center meant the world to my father,” said Andrew “Ty” McMains, son of the Center’s first medical director and namesake, Dr. Frank McMains.  “His commitment to them during his 33 years with the Center was paramount.  We are excited and look forward to the integration with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health and know that it will maintain the quality of care for these children and enhance the offerings that Our Lady of the Lake can provide.”

This is the second announcement just this month from Our Lady of the Lake about expansion that will grow the offerings for the communities it serves.  

“In our quest to provide a Spirit of Healing, we know that access can be a major challenge,” stated Scott Wester, President and CEO of Our Lady of the Lake. “Only by enhancing the offerings in our community and helping wonderful organizations like McMains grow, can we continue to truly make an impact in keys areas such as developmental medicine."

Patients can be referred by their physician for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health developmental medicine services. Families can call 225-374-HEAL for more information and to schedule future appointments. To learn more about Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, visit