Louisiana officials respond to Ukraine invasion

Staff Report

Louisiana officials have released statements in response to Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia has just become a pariah nation. Everything short of involving U.S. forces should be done to punish this action. This should be unrelenting,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy in a news release.

“Putin is invading and waging war on a sovereign nation and its people," Sen. John Kennedy said. "There’s no room for weakness in response. President Biden should impose swift, comprehensive, crippling sanctions on Russia. The only path to peace is through unwavering strength.” 

“In 2022, we are witnessing cyberattacks, missiles, bombs, tanks and fighter jets invade a sovereign European country with democratically-elected leaders," Rep. Garret Graves stated. "This is why we must not abandon President Reagan’s vision of peace through strength. What we are seeing in Ukraine is a world away from Thibodaux, but every Louisianan — every American will be affected by Vladimir Putin's unprovoked invasion. We will see higher gasoline and energy costs in Thibodaux, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Monroe and across our nation. European leaders, backed by NATO, must immediately impose crippling sanctions on Russia and any complicit country and they must isolate and contain Putin with bright red lines. Those that love freedom must make clear that we will defend and protect it — Putin’s ego-centric, Hitler-like hallucinations of reassembling the Soviet Union are simply a bad trip.”

“My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine, who now find their country thrust into a war, with countless innocent civilians caught in the crossfire," Rep. Julia Letlow stated. "We cannot allow Vladimir Putin to violate the sovereignty of an independent and democratic nation without serious consequences. The United States and our allies must swiftly take action to impose the harshest economic sanctions possible, expel Russian diplomats from the international community, and permanently shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In the coming days, let our prayers be with the people of Ukraine as they continue the noble fight to maintain their independence.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign territory threatens the greatest destabilization of the world order since WWII and constitutes a national security threat to the entire West," Rep. Mike Johnson stated. “From impeding American energy production, to greenlighting Russian energy production, to dragging their feet on sanctions, to lobbying against legislation to hold Russia accountable, it is clear that the Biden Administration’s appeasement approach towards Russian aggression has failed.

“It is past time for a new approach. We should impose debilitating sanctions on Russia’s economic interests. We should return to robust American energy production to provide greater stability and security here and for our European allies. We should exclude Russia from global commerce and international institutions. Even though the best time to take these actions has passed, we must act decisively.

“America’s prayers remain with the Ukrainian people.”

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a statement on Ukraine, which had prompted the Vice President to postpone her planned trip to Louisiana.

“The Vice President has delayed her trip to Louisiana, which is a wise and understandable decision given the state of affairs with Ukraine. I am praying for the President and the Vice President and their advisors and our military leaders at this time, that they may act with strength and resolve in response to this escalating conflict. I look forward to welcoming her to our great state at a more appropriate time," Edwards stated.

“I am holding the people of Ukraine in my prayers and in my heart, as their safety and sovereignty is threatened. The Ukrainians deserve to know peace and I hope all Louisianans will join me in praying that this peace comes swiftly.

“No one knows precisely what the coming weeks and months will bring, but I am also praying for the members of our American military and their families, who always stand ready to defend freedom alongside our allies.”