Gas going up: National average approaching $4 per gallon

Staff Report
Gas station attendant Inderjeet Singh holds magnetic strips to changes the price of the gas at the pump to show this increase at the Delta station on Broadway in Fair Lawn, N.J. on Thursday Feb. 24, 2022.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas recently increased by 11 cents to $3.72, according to AAA.

Prices at the pump are expected to rise more as crude prices continue to climb higher.

An increase in gas demand, alongside a reduction in total supply, is contributing to price increases, but increasing oil prices continue to play a leading role in pushing prices higher, according to AAA.

Crude prices are surging as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to bring uncertainty to the market.

As reported by USA Today, San Francisco reached the $5 mark during the week. The entire state of California will likely hit the mark over the next week of two, an analyst said.

California is the most expensive market in the U.S., averaging $4.94 per gallon, AAA said, followed by Hawaii ($4.63), Oregon ($4.16), Nevada ($4.13), Washington ($4.11), Alaska ($4.03), Illinois ($4.02), New York ($3.93), Pennsylvania ($3.88), and Connecticut, ($3.85)

Only a few stations in the greater Baton Rouge area have reported prices under $3 per gallon, according to data via GasBuddy.