Donaldsonville City Council discusses Lemann Memorial Center improvements

Michael Tortorich
Donaldsonville Chief
Donaldsonville City Council members Reginald Francis, Charles Brown, and Raymond Aucoin stand at the beginning of the March 8 meeting.

The Donaldsonville City Council discussed the ongoing renovation of the Lemann Memorial Center during the April 12 meeting.

Leadership Ascension's class known as the D'ville Shooting Stars has begun work on the facility. Class members have previously discussed plans with the city council as well as the Ascension Parish Council.

In addition to money raised from both government and private sources, the city moved forward with a cooperative endeavor agreement to receive $100,000 from the Louisiana Department of Treasury.

The council approved a resolution to authorize Mayor Leroy Sullivan to sign and execute the agreement. Sullivan said the state funds were earmarked for the city with the help of state Sen. Ed Price.

The Lemann Memorial Center project has to be completed by the end of May, class members have said.