West Ascension Recreation kicks off baseball, softball season with record-breaking numbers

Staff Report
West Ascension Recreation kicked off baseball and softball season with record-breaking numbers.

The parks are full with kids and families as West Ascension Recreation opened the baseball and softball season with record-breaking numbers.

There are four 4-6, five 7-9, and 5 10-12 teams.

Here is a recap from coordinator coach Jerry Butler:

"I have worked very hard with my staff to assure great numbers and participation. Bringing baseball back to the City of Donaldsonville was very challenging. Now we actually can compete with anyone along Hwy 1. Thanks to the parents and hard working coaches. Special thanks to Coach Lloyd Bernard, Carl Franklin and Coach BJ Romano with the impressive camp that drew in more than 50 plus kids for two days to start the season off."

"We never let good enough be enough! We have shown that a will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win. Whatever it takes. We practice winning every day. Practice, practice, practice. Teaching the game, practicing and not to be the best on the team, rather the best for the team. We teach lots of defense. Defense wins. Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships. Keep in mind, 'The fans can make you famous, a contract can make you rich, the press can make you a superstar, but only the love can make you a player. Thanks so much for the dedication to the program. We are back in motion again."