Jarrett Thomas leads West Ascension Recreation in flag football

Special to The Chief
Jarrett Thomas, an eighth grader at Lowery Middle School, throws a pass.

West Ascension flag football continues to be a success.

Here's an update from West Ascension Recreation's Jerry Butler:

Jarrett Thomas, eighth grader at Lowery Middle School, is something to watch in 2022. We have developed his foot movements, rolling in and out of the pocket finding an open receiver or tight end.

He had 167 yard passing in one game and three touchdowns today only. Keep in mind flag football is only 80 yards total. He also rushed for 56 yards.

Coach Alvin Thomas and Coach J Butler are also teaching him how to read basic defensive coverages. A few high school teams interested in Thomas have traveled to White Castle stadium to watched him play. They want him bad. This kid is a blessing to football just believe what I say! 

QB Jarrett stated, I give all honor to God and his teammates, B. Stewart, J. LeBlanc, M. Williams, K. Littles, C. Johnson, M. Harris, T Joshua, and his favorite D. Brown. We practice hard at school and with Coach Jerry Butler and Coach Alvin Thomas. I really appreciate what they are doing for me, the New Orleans Saints Camp and now leading me to a football career is very good for me. But we will continue to push for the title.