Louisiana Congressman Troy Carter thanks Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Staff Report

Congressman Troy Carter of Louisiana's second district released a statement following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will not seek a leadership post in the Democratic party in the upcoming Congress.

“Last week the American people used their voices to vote at the ballot boxes," Carter stated in a Nov. 17 news release. "While the final tally did not ultimately result in a continuing Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, it did show that the institution of democracy is strong, a robust rejection of political conspiracy and violence, and that the people’s voice will prevail.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives Nov. 17 on Capitol Hill in Washington, a day after Republicans claimed a majority in the House in the next congressional term.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic, dedicated, and accomplished leadership as Speaker of the House of Representatives will go down in history as an era of progress, service, and success for the American people. She is woman of faith, a true public servant and patriot, and her style of leadership inspires hope, loyalty, and hard work."

Carter said "an entire generation of Americans has been inspired by her shining example of leadership, grace, and moral fortitude." He also offered his prayers for her and her family as her husband, Paul Pelosi, recovered from an attack.

“Our nation is undoubtedly better for her 35 years of service in the House of Representatives, and I am so grateful that her expertise, knowledge, and immense strategic ability will remain in the chamber as she continues to serve the people of San Francisco," he stated.