A Lifestyle of Contentment

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

I have been a Computer Technician for about 9 years now.  I can remember years ago, I was working for Lockheed Martin and I was content with my life.  I had a decent job, an ok salary, my own home, and healthy children.  In my mind, being the country girl that I am, I was already living at my full potential.

As time went on and I grew as a person and in the word, I soon learned that the state of mind that I was in, was a state of contentment.  Simply put, I was settling! I settled for the hand that life dealt me.  While working for Lockheed, Katrina happened…despite the tragedies that were faced because of this hurricane, I received a blessing.  I was hired for a job that opened my mind to something greater than I ever imagined possible at my age living in Louisiana.  I worked with FEMA for 4 years before being laid off.  Looking back, I realize that God allowed me to experience that type of money to change my way of thinking and to help me realize that I was limiting myself in so many ways.  I feel that he wanted me to realize that I have not, not only because I ask not, but because I didn’t deem it possible. 

Having that experience has changed my outlook on life for the better. I no longer settle for what is given or offered to me, I work hard for what I want, speak on what will be, and only accept that which I feel is deserving.

So today my voices are encouraging you to STOP SETTLING! If you deserve a better job, a better boyfriend/girlfriend, bigger house, more dependable car, whatever it is that you may be more deserving of…GO FOR IT!   

Today I challenge you to change your lifestyle of contentment. There is always a next stage or something else that can be done to better the condition of your life. I want you to literally write down some realistic short term goals each month. As they begin to materialize, I want you to highlight them.  At the end of each month, what ever is left, carry it over to the next month and add it to your new monthly goals…and so on. 

The fulfillment you get from reaching your goals will give you the boost needed to start making long term goals. Once you develop the belief in your ability to achieve things the sky will be the limit!  I look forward to you accomplishing great things.  Keep me posted

…Until Next Time