An Idle Mind...

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

If I had to guess the question that boggles everyone's mind, I would have to say, everyone wants to know the answer to “What If”. What if I went to college and did right in the beginning? What if I chose him/her, how would my life be right now? What if I made better decisions when I was younger? What if I this, What if I that?  There’s an old saying “An idle mind, is the devil’s workshop”. When I was younger this phrase didn’t mean much to me.  But now that im older I fully grasp the meaning of this term.

Think for a second, when does depression or regret usually hit you? When your out enjoying your day, busy at work, running errands? No, depression and regret usually strike in your moments of silence. When you sit still long enough to evaluate and depict certain aspects of your life.  Hence, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. The enemy uses what can be moments of peace to attack your spirit and rob you of joy. 

I find that the best way to avoid moments like these is to surround yourself with positive people, and keep yourself busy with things that you enjoy.  Everyone should have at least one thing that brings them happiness on demand…and if you haven’t found that thing yet its not to late to venture off and try new things.  I’ll be the 1st to admit that if something peeks my interest enough, I’m gusty enough to try and conquer it. My many ventures have helped me to embrace who I am and what I represent. Basically, it’s been a win, win for me!   I shut down the devil’s workshop by staying busy, discovered hidden talents and learn to love me in my natural essence in the midst of it all.

Today My Voices are Cheering: Forget about the What Ifs, Embrace the Right Nows and Look Forward to your Future with Expectancy of great NEW things.  Keep yourself busy by learning to love yourself. Figuring out who you are, will reap greater benefits than dwelling on who you were or who you could have been!

Until Next Time…