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Donaldsonville Chief

At work I like to use at least one of my breaks to walk briskly.  Today my friend and I were walking and talking as we normally do, but today I started sharing some things with her that I hadn’t talked about in a long time and it inspired me to write.

A few years ago my mom would always tell me “Tasha, you’re blocking your blessings by holding on to anger, resentment and pain.  You have to figure out a way to forgive or you’ll never be able to truly move on.” I remember this conversation as if it were yesterday.  I would just brush her off and say: “I know Ma, but I’m not ready yet.” I felt as if I needed the pain and anger to fuel me to keep going. It was as if the bitterness I had in my heart for those that I feel wronged me, kept me strong, determined and on the right path.  As time went on I did just that… I used all Ill will towardsme as fuel to overcome adversity, and depression.

One day I was headed to church having a talk with God (which is normal for me) my intentions were to pray a prayer for me to move on and open a new chapter of my life.  And out of no where, I began saying that I was ready to forgive everyone that hurt me and ready to move on with my life.  I can remember saying  “Lord, I’m tired of being angry, I want to let it all go and stop allowing my past to bring me to tears or rage at the mere thought of it.”  By this point I was in tears and literally crying my eyes out… but not from sadness, it was from relief.  It was like a weight was lifted immediately!  As soon as I spoke those words of forgiveness, the plan for my life changed. 

So Today, My Voices are Remembering…Forgiveness is the Key that Unlocks the Door of Unimaginable Blessings!!

If you need the anger to fuel you, Fine…but once the fuel diminishes do not fill up again!  Release it and move on with love, understanding and wisdom!

…Until Next Time