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Most Windows have a Different View

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Some of the main quarrels in life are because of people's inabilities to understand others, stubbornness to only understand themselves and their refusal to compromise or show compassion for others. I feel that so many of life's hang ups can be freed by simply learning to agree to disagree, without holding a grudge.

The top characteristic that forms a persons view on different situations is the experiences in life that they have encountered. The events in everyone's life is different, therefore it is most likely that each perspective will also be different. We as people need to keep in mind that when looking out of life's window, the view we see will be based on our PERSONAL trials, triumphs and failures.

When feeling strongly about a situation never be so adamant about your point that you completely overlook where the other person may be coming from. Your feelings/opinions are NOT the only things that matter. It may be hard to consider others feelings when dealing with a situation, but at some point you should take time out to try and see where the other person may be coming from.

Today my voices are saying: People who do NOT share your perspective on life will not see the same view you see when looking out of life's window. Each window has a different view!

A Thief does NOT share the view of a Noble Man.

A Hustler can NOT comprehend the strict budget of a Hard Working Man, just as a Millionaire can not fathom the struggles of Ordinary People.

A Mistress could NEVER understand the perspective of a Wife.

A Fornicator can NOT grasp the abstinence of a Priest, no more than a Sinner can comprehend the walk of a person that fears God.

But, if each of these people would learn compassion for others they could co-exist without hate.

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