Restoration cont.

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Donaldsonville Chief

A friend of mine once told me "its amazing how God can restore you to your destiny at any point in your life" "this is probably the destiny that God had planned for you a long time ago but instead of doing things his way you did them your way, and now that you are allowing his will to be done and he’s restoring you back to your rightful place" thanks to her I was driving home from work one day and Restoring the Years by Donald Lawrence came on…and on THAT day, after THAT conversation THAT song meant so much more to me.

The feeling that came over me while hearing that song made my soul cry with joy. Restoration means something miraculous! As the song was playing I could hear my friend’s words reigning in my mind…. Restoring is when your heading down the wrong path and God steps in and allows a detour that will lead you back to him, Restoring does not simply mean to replace something, it also means fixing something that was broken … it does not merely consist of restocking inventory with something better but it can also mean completely revamping inventory by changing packaging (the way you dress and how you are perceived by others) and the storage place (the company you keep).

Restoration happens when your willingness to live a Godly life and God’s timing collide…then and only then will we be prepared to handle the type of blessings that God’s wants to bestow upon us. We have to be at the point in our lives where we allow him to take away what we have in mind for ourselves…and allow his will to be done (whatever that may be). It means replacing our thoughts with his thoughts, yielding to him to help diminish the power of our flesh and build our spirit… But we must first desire more than just pain being replaced with joy we must desire a closer relationship with God because then and only then will we be restored with increase like in Job 42 when Job prayed for his friends and God blessed him with twice as much as he had before… Verse 12 begins by saying ‘So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning…

So today my voices are praying that we as people remember that it is time to take self out of the equation. My voices are praying for God's guidance and my willingness to follow, because I know only then will my life and God's timing collide causing my time of restoration.

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