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Years ago I started something that I called my journey to self. It was a time in my life where I felt the need to get to know myself in every meaning of the word…my hopes, dreams, prayers, likes, dislikes and so on. It was something that I took really serious. It was really an eye opening experience for me, but somewhere along the way I ventured off that path and just begin to live life. I began living with no real direction, I was simply living with a level of contentment with no major goals or aspirations…you know what Christians call backsliding. Then something in me changed again and I found my way back to that journey of self and this time along with that journey came a closer relationship with God and I couldn’t be more excited! The revelations that come along with knowing myself and knowing God are amazing. Its like when you became comfortable with who you are you are able to hear God’s words more clearly (figuratively speaking that is) …When the clutter of our confused minds (flesh) is cleared out, it clears a path for divine direction (spirit) to happen in our lives. I’m saying all of this to say that God is in the restoring business.

You know that song by Donald Lawrence where they sing about restoring the years you’ve sown in tears.

The lyrics are :

Lend me your ears thus said the Lord

And know that my word, will not return void

Your time I sustained, there's no need to fear,

I'm restoring the years you've sown in tears

I am the Author, writer of time

No matter how long, things will work out just fine

Deposit this word, there's no need to fear

I'm restoring the years you've sown in tears

Lift up you hands, receive from the Lord

Your broken spirit, receive from the Lord

Deposit this word, there's no need to fear

And they go on to sing…I'm Healin you…..

This song has so much meaning …the thought of God replacing pain with joy, tears with laughter, hard work with success and so forth. People always say God is Good but God is so much better than good….He is Great! 

...To Be Continued