Sheriff Wiley warns of summer intruders

Staff reports

Sheriff Jeff Wiley cautions residents to take a few simple steps before letting loose for summer vacation to ensure your belongings are still there when you return.

“Keep in mind statistics show that most home burglaries occur during the vacation months of summer, as this is when many homes throughout the neighborhood are vacant and vulnerable,” Wiley said.

Sheriff Wiley and the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office encourage residents to remain alert and take an active role in preventing burglary on their own personal property and within the neighborhood.

Wiley suggests: examining your property and removing valuables from plain sight or vehicles; maintaining shades and blinds in a constant position; refraining from leaving keys under doormats or above door frames; informing friends of upcoming trips; asking neighbors to provide lawn care and to gather mail as well as newspapers; utilizing light timers and checking locks; installing motion sensors and home alarms; listing all important goods in the home on your smart-phone; keeping posts about vacations off Facebook and other social networking web sites.

“Preparing for a trip requires a lot of planning,” Wiley said. “Families spend hours deciding where to go, where to stay and exactly what they want to do each day when they get there. By using that same attention to detail and by following these simple steps before leaving, you will have peace of mind and a vacation that can truly be carefree.”