Toilet paper bandits caught in the act

Allison B. Hudson

At approximately 5:30 a.m. January 12, two suspects were arrested and taken into custody in connection with a recent spate of toilet paper thefts in Jambalaya Park in Gonzales.

Corey Anthony Breaux, 25, of 2252 Sagona Road in Donaldsonville, and Lawrence Morris, 50, of 3372C Back Maris Road in Napoleonville, are being held at the Ascension Parish jail in Donaldsonville.

Gonzales Police were informed of the thefts on January 11, after Director of Public Works for the City of Gonzales, Alvin Broussard, informed them that over a three-day period, a white four-door car had been seen parked with people going into the bathrooms in the early hours of the morning. He claimed that throughout that time period, approximately 60 rolls of toilet paper had been taken.

After keeping an eye on the area this morning, Officer David Breaux with the Gonzales Police Department radioed in that the two suspects were in custody.

Both men were read their rights, and Breaux was charged with misdemeanor theft, and Morris charged with misdemeanor theft, simple assault, and disturbing the peace.