Sergeant saves two-year-old from drowning

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

A Sergeant with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office rescued a two-year-old boy from drowning in the Mansions of Ivy Lakes Apartment pond on Tuesday afternoon, May 13.

According to Chief Tony Bacala, Sergeant Chad Stafford was performing his daily duties in the area when he heard the screams of a small child coming from the direction of the nearby pond.   At the same time, an adult in the area yelled that a child was drowning.  Sergeant Stafford then saw that a child was in the pond in distress and started running to the pond.  By the time Sergeant Stafford made it to the area, the child was fully submerged and he immediately jumped in the water and rescued the child.   The two-year-old was pulled to the bank and then began to cough up water and cry.  Acadian Ambulance was dispatched to the scene for further evaluation and determined that the child was fine.

After the child was rescued, the adult who had yelled that a child was drowning told Sergeant Stafford that she saw the two-year-old in the water, about eight feet from the bank splashing water, then she saw him go underwater and not come back up.

With the help of a neighbor, Sergeant Stafford located the child’s mother who advised that her older child, who had been standing on the edge of the pond when her younger brother went in the water, must have opened the door and went outside while she was upstairs.

“The quick and decisive action of Sergeant Stafford no doubt saved the life of this two-year-old,” Chief Bacala said.  “Sergeant Stafford is to be commended for his actions,” he added.