New WPD Chief O'Grady to start Monday

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The Wellsville Daily Reporter
There will be a leadership change Monday at the Wellsville Police Department with Tim O'Grady coming aboard as chief. BRIAN QUINN/DAILY REPORTER


By Brian Quinn

Daily Reporter

WELLSVILLE — A change in leadership happens in the next 24 hours at the Wellsville Police Departrment, with Tim O’Grady starting officially as village police chief Monday.

Amid the public opinion, positive or negative, on the Village Board’s appointment of O’Grady, village officials say they hope people will allow time for the transition to take place.

"As the new chief of police for the Wellsville Police Department, Tim O’Grady is not new to the position as a chief,” Mayor Judy Lynch said in a statement Saturday. “My hope is that our current police officers in Wellsville will be receptive and react professionally.

“Tim is going in with an open mind, will observe how the dept currently operates and will be open to hearing any recommendations from the officers and also offer any he may feel would be positive to the department,” Lynch said. “I am confident in his abilities as a leader and administrator to the Wellsville Police Department."

O’Grady, a Wellsville resident, comes to the village after over 20 years with the Alfred police.

“I applied for and accepted the job as an advancement of my law enforcement career,” he said Saturday. “I have been at Alfred PD for 20-plus years, eight as chief, and felt it was good opportunity for me to apply the administration skills I have gained over the past eight years. It was a tough decision and I had many discussions with my family and friends for four days before making a final decision. Alfred was a great employer and great community to work for. I had a lot of support for the department and myself during my tenure there.”

O’Grady said his initial weeks will be spent getting reoriented with the Wellsville department.

“I want to observe and learn how they currently operate. I will be conferring with officers to see if they have ideas on how we maybe able to make the operation more efficient,” he said. “I've lived in Wellsville my entire life so I already know most of the village officials and officers. The majority of the officers have worked in Alfred at some point over their careers.”

O’Grady said he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I hope to continue to deliver the professional level of police service that Wellsville residents are accustomed to in the most efficient way possible,” he said.

“I have a lot of fond memories of my time in Alfred. We had cases that were serious and some that were humorous. Small rural departments see the same types of cases as our urban colleagues do, just not as frequently,” he said. “I am excited to start serving my neighbors in Wellsville on Monday and I hope I can live up to their expectations.”

O’Grady’s appointment will make 10 full-time officers for the department, to go with eight part-time officers.