DDD promotes anti-litter campaign

Peter Silas Pasqua
Brooklyn Amos, Justin Miller, Dontrell Davis, Devante Davis and Robyn Bruner pick up litter during the Downtown Development District’s Trash Bash June 14.

Dontrell Davis has gotten use to picking up litter. The Donaldsonville High School ROTC cadet participated in his third Stash the Trash Bash sponsored by the Downtown Development District June 14.

Davis said he does it to help the community and is sometimes surprised by the amount of litter.

“It depends on what day it is,” Davis said.

Davis was not alone as over 30 volunteers participated in the event, according to coordinator Tammy Dale.

Some of those volunteers have also been involved in the event for three years with the First Baptist  Church Youth Ministry Outreach.

“We are doing God’s will,” Summer Amos said. “That is why we are motivated.”

Dale said chairman Stanford Knockum oversees a committee with representatives from local churches.

“We want to branch out and spread throughout our town,” Dale said.  “If there is an area we need to target, we want to come together as the committee and help each other out as a group of churches united.”

Dale said the goal is zero tolerance of litter.

“It is time we take a stand,” Dale said. “Get the word out and educate. It starts with one person picking up a piece of trash.”

Dale sees churches, business owner and organizations uniting in the effort.

“We want to clean up Donaldsonville,” said business owner Donna Schexnaydre. “The revitalization effort has a lot of energy behind it right now and we want to continue that by improving Donaldsonville’s appearance.”

Schexnaydre noted that it is against the law to litter and people should be proud of their community.

Tammy Dale and Donna Schexnaydre landscape Louisiana Square during the Trash Bash.