NAUW hosts Reading Jubilee

Staff Report

Bi-Parish Bayou Branch of the National Association of University Women recently held a reading jubilee at the George Blum Center.

“Reading is Fundamental, Fantastic, Fun” was the theme of the activity.

Various speakers told the children how they developed an interest in reading and how reading contributed to their career.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan began by stating we must learn to read so that we can conquer all of the other subjects, because every subject depends on our ability to read.

Jessie Joseph’s motivational speech prepared the children for the various speakers that would follow. She awarded small gifts for correct responses to her questions.

Barry Sylvester, a pharmacist, said he developed an interest in reading at a very young age. His fascination with books became stronger through the years.

Wanda August led the children in several cheers that emphasized reading. She mentioned teachers had helped to foster her interest in reading.

Alton Preston pointed out that reading is a skill that we perfect by reading daily.

Juanita Dandridge read a story from her book, “Crawdads, Persimmons, and Wildplums.”

Everette Parker wrote a song on why we  need to read and taught it to the children.

The final activity was one in which the children waving pendants and shouting “Read! Read! Read!,” in acknowledgement that every moment is a good time to read.