Program pampers teens with facials, manicures

Peter Silas Pasqua
Jade Whittington, Kenya Madison, Ascension Parish youth services librarian student worker Bianca Williams and Kenyetta Robinson paint each other's nails Thursday during Spa Day.

"Just think, you could eat this if you really want to," Ascension Parish youth services librarian Jennifer Seneca said Thursday evening during Spa Day at the Donaldsonville Branch.

Seneca was busy showing teens what to mix for a facial.

"It looks kind of nasty but it is good stuff," Seneca said.

Honey, yogurt, pineapple and coconut milk were mixed for the beauty treatment.

"Somebody be brave," Seneca said. "Try it out on your hand. Just rub it in."

Participants rubbed the mixture on their faces and let it sit for five to 10 minutes.

"Once it starts to dry, it is time to wipe it off," Seneca said.

Kayla Tripode said the concoction helps eliminate acne.

"It is all gone," Tripode said.

Next, participants received a manicure. The cosmetic treatment of the hands began with application of cocoa butter.

"It smells good," Morgan LeBlanc said.

Seneca recommended teens rub the lotion in thick. Then, a warm towel was placed over their hands to take the moisture from the lotion and set it into their hands. 

"Nice and soft," Kenyetta Robinson said when Seneca asked how her hands felt.

Before the teens were able to paint their nails, a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice was used on their cubicles.

"The teens really like it," Seneca said. We pull ideas out of books from the library. It is very popular and gives them a non threatening kind of place to come and meet other teens."

Extra ingredients were passed out for the teens to experiment at home after the program, which has been in existence for three years.

Morgan LeBlanc, Kayla Tripode and Ascension Parish youth services librarian Jo Helen Trisler apply a facial.