Batiste's work to be featured in exhibition

Staff Report
Alvin Batiste will be on-site during a exhibition of his work at the E.D. White Historic Site Aug. 15-16.

The artwork of 46-year-old painter Alvin Batiste of Donaldsonville is celebrated throughout the state for its charm and inspired application.

The E.D. White Historic Site will present Batiste's renowned work in an exhibition forty pieces strong Aug. 15-16.

"The Folk Art of Alvin Batiste" will only be on display for two days, but live painting by Batiste on site enhances the brief celebration.

Patrons are invited to enjoy colorful illustrations highlighting humor, spirituality, tragedy and the past.

Visitors to the E.D. Historic Site will have the rare opportunity to watch the creative process and inquire about Batiste's work first-hand. Over his 26-year career, Batiste has not only brought folk art to a new level of public understanding and appreciation in Louisiana, but also around the country.

His wide-range of subject matter, tapping into family allegories and shared experiences, have elevated Batiste into the ranks of artists like Clementine Hunter.


ow the public can experience what has made Alvin Batiste a sought-after artist courtesy of the Louisiana State Museum. The exhibition is on display Aug. 15-16, at 2295 La. 1, Thibodaux, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information please call 985-447-0915 or email The exhibition is free to public and the artist will be on site throughout.