Parker awarded scholarship at "Blue and Gold banquet."

Allison B. Hudson

The first annual West Ascension Southern University Alumni Association "Blue and Gold banquet," was an unqualified success. Over three hundred individuals enjoyed a delightful dinner and soothing sounds of jazz held at Rosie's Catering hall, in St. James. The theme for the banquet was: "Education, where do we go from here." Donaldsonville High School's Junior Air Force ROTC led the banquet with the presentation of colors, followed by everyone singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Ronald Julien, president of the association, spoke about the success of the banquet and the importance of the alumni association.

The scholarship in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to, Nederia Parker, a graduate of Donaldsonville High School. The guest speaker, Linda Johnson, president of the eight district of Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary education, spoke about how she came from a family of little education an still managed a college degree.

"Anyone can take a little of nothing and make it into something," said Johnson, as she stressed the importance of becoming a college graduate.

Other guests included: Dean of Business from Southern University, Dr.Andrews, senior attendant, Sasha Steib, and a representative from the Office of Recruitment.

West Ascension Southern University Alumni Association's mission focuses on the betterment of the society through higher education for students in the pursuit of their degrees. The association was founded in 1988 and has been an active chapter for 20 years.