Donaldsonville Primary School Student of the Week

Allison B. Hudson

Name:Cyle Lamonte’ Brooks


Class:Ms. Lindsey Schexnayder


School:Donaldsonville Primary School


Family:Tasma Brooks (mother), Corey Brooks, Sr. (father), Corey, Jr. (brother), Cylan (sister)


Extracurricular:football and baseball

Interests:watching tv, playing video games, swimming, spending time with family and friends

What is your favorite subject?Why?

My favorite subject is math.I enjoy the projects that we do in math class.

Who is your favorite teacher?Why?

Ms. Lindsey Schexnayder is my favorite teacher.She is funny and she is a good singer.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a marine expert.I enjoy learning and studying about water and sea animals.