ACS blesses new multipurpose facility

Father Paul Yi of Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church blesses the Leonce J. Guigou Building on Friday, May 2.

After a long, hard-fought battle with neighbors and funds the Ascension Catholic Schools finally opened the doors to a new multipurpose facility and dedicated it in name to Leonce J. Guigou on May 2.

ACHS principal Sandy Pizzolato and other school leaders welcomed the elementary school students and community supporters to its long-time project known as “Cover the Court.”

Pizzolato said the Leonce J. Guigou Building would serve a wonder for the elementary school’s physical education department. Following comments from Pizzolato Father Paul Yi of the Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church gave a “special blessing” by sprinkling Holy Water around the facility.

Long-time P.E. teacher Dee Lemann said she’s happy to have a place to come to.

“I could cry,” Lemann said, filled with emotion. “Never in my life did I think we could have this learning center.”

“I will continue, with [Coach] Chris [Schexnayder], to teach and now we have a real place to do it.

Former ACS Business Manager Troy LeBoeuf said when Pizzolato hired him as Business Manager she told him, “I needed to eat, sleep and dream this building.”

“I think it’s perfect for what we need here at Ascension Catholic,” LeBoeuf said. “I just can’t thank enough the donors, the community of Donaldsonville and the surrounding areas for their support.”

LeBoeuf said the committee put a lot of time in coming up to this point where it wasn’t a reality yet, and remembers there was a lot of talk of what “we wanted to do.”

“We wanted it to be a facility that would take care of this campus – the elementary,” LeBoeuf said. “Number one being our physical education department, somewhere for our kids to go with Mrs. Dee Lemann and Coach Chris Schexnayder.”

LeBoeuf said the facility will also help with the after care program that many families take advantage of that because “not a lot of people can get off at 3 o’clock to come pick their kids up.”

“This is a facility they can use whether it’s hot, cold, rain or whatever,” LeBoeuf said. “Also as a third tier, we could use it as a practice facility for some of younger teams and high school teams when things work out schedule-wise.”

LeBoeuf said the facility coming to fruition is a blessing but is not yet finished. He said there are some plans in the future to add on a restroom next to it, and continue finishing the walls in the building.

“We left some spaces on that plaque for some more donors,” LeBeouf said.

He added, “I appreciate the support and I’m glad everybody came out today and enjoyed it.”