Teacher Appreciation week starts with a nice touch

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
Jeff Henry of Jeff’s Bar and Lounge served breakfast to DHS teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Kicking off Teacher’s Appreciation Week on Monday, teachers at Donaldsonville High School got a full tummy and good rub down.

Total Care Injury and Pain Center set up by Dr. Jay Perniciaro, laid hands on the teachers with free massages by masseuse Jessica Moench. Along with breakfast courtesy of the Art and DECA club, served by Jeff Henry of Jeff’s Bar and Lounge, and lunch from Cliff Ourso of State Farm and the DHS secretaries, the teacher’s had no choice but to feel appreciated.

Dr. Perniciaro said teachers do a lot for the students and they have a thankless job. Whether it’s as simple as driving to and from work, standing on their feet all day, it can all cause stress on the spine.

“Parents are always yelling at them, the principal is always yelling at them, and the kids are kind of disruptive and so they have a lot of stress so we bring our massage therapist in to let them know we appreciate them and we try to take some of that stress out the neck and back even if it’s for that brief shinning moment,” Dr. Perniciaro said.