Ascension Catholic High Class 0f 2015

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Ascension Catholic High Valedictorian Zachary Edward Capello.

Zachary Edward Capello, Ascension Catholic High valedictorian, is the son of Lloyd, III “Rocky” and Kim Capello. He plans to major in Molecular Biology at Yale University. Capello graduated as a “Highest Honor Graduate” with a cumulative G.P.A. of a 4.25. He was awarded the Donaldsonville AARP Chapter 4552 Scholarship, the CF Industries Valedictorian Scholarship, the Elks Legacy Scholarship, the LHSAA Sugar Bowl Scholarship, the LSU Alumni Global Leader Scholarship, the LSU Flagship Scholarship, the LSU Track & Field Scholarship, the Lipscomb Athletic Scholarship, the Pat Joffrion Scholarship for Perseverance & Team Spirit, and the Yale 4-Year Scholarship.

Capello represented A.C.H.S. as a Louisiana Boys’ State Participant where he was recognized at Citizen of the Year, as the A.C.H.S. Student of the Year, as a finalist in the Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce Teenager of the Year program, as a finalist in the Wendy’s High School Heisman and in WAFB’s “Best of the Class”. His leadership qualities included being Secretary over the school’s Honor Society to which he was a member for 3 years as well as serving as co-captain of the Boys’ Cross-Country Team, which he led to 4 Team State Championship titles including 4 Individual State Championship titles. He also led his school as captain of the Boys’ Track & Field Team in which he finished with 3 Individual State Championships in both the 1600 meter run and the 3200 meter run. His individualized accomplishments with running also included State Championships in Indoor Track for his junior and senior year as well as being the record holder. Capello not only excelled in his athletic ability, but also in his academics. He participated in 4 District Rallies and 3 State Rallies. He also became a member of the first-ever A.C.H.S. 30+ Club for his high score on the ACT and was an Academic Lamp and Bar recipient for 3 years. Capello was named Academic All-State his senior year where he held the prestigious honor of being chosen for the composite teams for both cross-country and track & field.

Lee Daniel Landry, Ascension Catholic High valedictorian, is the son of Chris and Mollie Landry.  Landry plans to study Pre-Law at Louisiana State University. Landry graduated as a “Highest Honor Graduate” with a cumulative G.P.A. of a 4.25.  He anticipates a TOPS Honors Award and was awarded the St. Patrick’s Scholarship and Dean Scholarship to Franciscan University, the Presidential Scholarship to King’s College of New York, a scholarship to Tulane, the University of America Scholarship, the St. Jules Knights of Columbus Scholarship, and the LSU Honor’s College & Academic Scholar’s Award.  Landry represented A.C.H.S. as a Student of the Year finalist for his school and his parish, Assumption.  He also served on the Diocesan Youth Board, presented at World Youth Day, and participated in the March for Life all 4 years.  He also became a member of the first-ever A.C.H.S. 30+ Club for his high score on the ACT, was an Academic Lamp and Bar recipient for 3 years as well as an All-American Scholar recognized by the United States Achievement Academy.  Landry was a member of the Honor Society for 3 years and served as senior class president.  His service did not stop with his school as he also served his church parish of St. Jules as a lector.


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