Treated like a 'Vet'

DeRon Talley

The Veterans from the Donaldsonville community marched around to different places last week to be honored for their services provided to the United States of America. They visited Donaldsonville High on Thursday and Ascension Catholic Schools and Donaldsonville Elementary on Friday. They also spent time at the Chateau D'ville on Friday to visit with some fellow Veterans who are enrolled there.

Thursday at DHS, the Air Force JROTC honored eight Veterans who attended, and all who didn't, during a ceremony where two poems were read and a Prisoners of War table was set and honored for four branches of the military who may have had soldiers who were taken while fighting for the country.

Friday morning the Veterans attended the Ascension Catholic Church for a Mass service and followed with a program at the ACHS gym. There, the Veterans did a 21-gun Salute followed by the playing of Tapps. This wasn't the only time the men would do a 21-gun Salute, they also did it for the DES students. Veteran of Foreign War Nick Porto, who served in the Korean War, explained to the school what the gun salute represented. He said the number 21 comes from the year 1776, the year the United States gained its independence, when you add one, seven, seven and six you get 21.

The Veterans didn't do all the visiting without being fed though. At their visit at the nursing home they were treated to jambalaya rice and white beans. According to one of the Veterans, the white beans once saved America. During the great depression years, the most popular meal to eat was white beans because it was cheap and easy to serve. He said sometimes he'd have it three or four times in a week.

The Veterans enjoyed their time out in the community sharing in the honoring of others who served and informing the students of their significance.