You’ve been flocked

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
A yard in the Historic District that was flocked with flamingos that helped to donate to the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

During October, many homeowners opened their front doors and saw their yards flocked with flamingos. The pink friends came in good spirits and with good intent, as they were part of a fundraiser held by the Ourso Funeral Home in efforts to raise money to donate to the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

Isabel Espinosa, Funeral Director, holds the  fundraiser for the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center for the entire month of October. The funeral home raised money by having individuals pay to have flamingos migrate to a friends yard. The more flamingos in a yard meant the bigger the donation was. The pink friends roosted on a lawn for an evening until they migrated to another friend’s lawn.

“They enjoyed it when they came out to see the flamingos,” Espinosa said, “It brings the biggest smiles to their faces.”

Espinosa said the kids loved the pink friends too. The funeral home would even get calls asking why the flamingos had been taken up and were asked to bring them back.

“We’ve been surprised at how people got into it,” Espinosa said. “It shows how the simplest things can put a smile on a person’s face.”

The fundraiser raised $3,750 that will go to the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center during October with the flocking of the flamingos.

Espinosa added, “We want to emphasize a big thank you for the support and good spirit the community had with it. We couldn’t do it without the people in the community.”

Courtney Nuckolls, a representative from the Mary Bird Perkins Center in Baton Rouge, picked up the donation Monday and was very appreciative of the generosity of the community

The flamingos plan to return from migration this winter and flock again in Donaldsonville in October 2013.