Local veteran honored with WWII brick at national museum

Brandie Richardson
Floyd Ourso was honored during a Jan. 14 ceremony in New Orleans. Courtesy photos.

The WWII era is known as the “Greatest Generation” to many because of the countless men and women who tirelessly fought in the global war. Brusly McCall resident Floyd Ourso is part of that generation and lives up to the name because of his dutiful contributions he made for his country during WWII.

Ourso was drafted into the Army in February of 1945 at the age of 18. Like his three brothers before him, he dutifully answered the call of service to his country to serve in the most widespread war in history.

While in training, he caught pneumonia and was hospitalized for two weeks, followed by a week of rehabilitation. This setback resulted in him not being able to fight combat in the war, as by the time he was healthy the war was ending.

“I’m glad I caught pneumonia, it saved my life,” Ourso said.

He was then sent to the Philippine Islands and then to Korea after the war in 1945 to transport the Japanese back to Japan. While in Korea, he reenlisted in the Army for another 18 months because of the lack of jobs back home in the United States.

“I was thinking of all the soldiers coming back home, that were hard to find a job that’s why I reenlisted. I figured I would stay 18 more months in the service.”

When he returned back to Ascension Parish he worked on a farm until he found a job offshore. Him and his brother later began selling insurance, where he did this for 31 years before joining the retired life.

Most recently, Ourso’s family gathered at the National WWII in New Orleans on Saturday where he was honored with a brick commemorating his time in WWII. 

“It’s wonderful when you walk in a place and wearing this [WWII] cap and see strangers walk up to you and shake your hand. It makes you feel good. We are called the greatest generation and it’s nice for people to remember that. Kids come up to me, it makes you feel good.

I would do it all over again. I would be glad to.”