As sugar cane grinding season kicks off, area officials urge caution on roads

Staff Report
The sugar cane harvest season will continue for three months in south Louisiana.

Area officials are warning citizens to exercise caution as the sugar cane harvest season begins.

Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon said in a news release the season gets underway Sept. 26, as both of his parish's mills are expected to begin operation.

The season is expected to continue for at least 90 days, he added. An estimated 2.1 million tons of sugar cane will be processed. That equates to 76,000 truck loads or 840 loads daily traversing area roadways. The process is carried out seven days a week.

The grinding season is expected to produce 500 million pounds of sugar.

Adverse weather conditions and fog can make our roadways a bit more hazardous during the season. Drivers should take extra precaution and be wary of the haulers and other equipment.

Also, Falcon said his department has continued to have ATVs and other off-road vehicles utilizing the cane field headlands for pleasure. He urged everyone to stay out of the cane fields with these vehicles as to avoid traffic and unnecessary crashes.

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi also reminded the public about the start of the grinding season.

"Be mindful of the tractors and cane trucks as they enter and exit the roads," Stassi stated in a social media post. "As always, no texting and driving. Stay alert and drive carefully."