Louisiana's BoomNation brings skilled workers job info, social network through new app

Jakori Madison
Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Louisiana-based BoomNation has launched a new app to help skilled workers find jobs, interact with employers, and engage with others in the same workforce. Across social channels, BoomNation is described as “LinkedIn for Blue Collar workers ” and the “Blue Collar Twitter.”

Created and launched in 2021, BoomNation developed as an app to help the community of skilled workers and employers meet and interact. The company further improved the skilled worker journey with the launch of its newest, engaging technology, WorkOn.

The WorkOn app focuses on solutions to increase worker retention by allowing employers the ability to create company cards on the app, and providing skilled workers with vital information about their jobs. That information includes GPS directions, contacts, site-specific information, emergency contacts, PPE requirements, orientation videos, texts and links, real-time updates, and so much more.

BoomNation launches Workon, an app to help skilled workers find jobs.

"We're built for workers, by workers. So, someone on our team has experienced those problems and those friction points. With WorkOn were able to help workers who are considering the skilled industry, help with people who are trying to find work in the skilled industry, and once they find work allow the employees to feel like on day one, they’ve been there 30 days already" says Brent Flavin, Co-founder and Co-CEO of BoomNation.

WorkOn enables real-time information to answer the most asked questions, such as, “Where do I go?” “I think I’m at the wrong job site.” “Who do I call in case of emergency?” “Do I need FRC?” BoomNation is a web and app-based platform, but to gain the most out of the platform, Flavin suggests downloading the WorkOn app.

The app is where most of the community is built. Users engage in the community by uploading pictures and videos and sharing their day, while others are telling stories about their projects, or showcasing food on lunch break. Workon is both a social media platform and a place where you can find jobs Flavin said.

“At BoomNation we are building a platform skilled workers actually use,” said Flavin The skilled community platform is currently connecting over 130,000 workers to bring innovative solutions to the industry. There is opportunity for employers to engage with tradespeople looking for skilled work and workers to interact with employers while engaging with a community.

“WorkOn is a natural extension of our focus on innovating for the skilled worker’s journey. We started with empowering workers to showcase their skills, tell they're amazing stories through relevant content, and in return find better work faster. With our latest innovation, WorkOn, skilled workers and employers can connect and engage on projects in a meaningful way, making a real impact on culture and retention within the skilled industries.”

You can download the WorkOn app through Apple and Google stores. The app is free, and jobs are updated regularly.