Long time Judge gets opposition from city councilman

Judge Andrew Falcon and Donaldsonville Councilman Charles, Brown, Sr.

First Justice Court Judge Andrew Falcon has held seat for over 35 years in Donaldsonville. He’s seen it all. He’s done it all. He even knows the best kinds of elections seasons are the ones in which you have no opposition. Well on the Nov. 4 election date, he has one. Donaldsonville City District 4 Councilman Charles Brown, Sr. was qualified as a candidate. Will that make a difference in Judge Falcon’s mind? No.

“We always expect somebody to throw in at the last minute, a real serious opposition usually puts them a program together months in advance,” Judge Falcon said, who saw no opposition in the last election.

“But you cannot take it lightly,” he said. “You have to treat every election as if it is your first one.”

Judge Falcon has been on the political front for many years, but “I’ve learned from General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson; hit, roll off, and regroup.”

“Avoid as many frontal confrontations as you can because that’s a good way to get wiped out,” he said. “In other words you just base it on your own merit and good reputation. My reputation always proceeds me in anything I do.”

For the opposition, Brown said, as a public servant on the city council there has been an “outcry in our community for leaders to step up.”

“I think there are a lot of people interested in the city council seat and I’m willing to give up the seat for some young people to come in and get involved in the community,” Brown said. “Justice of the Peace is a public servant that has really been disconnected from the community. It’s not a position of obscurity unless you make it. I think we need to have a voice within the community from that position.”

In the First Justice Court, Judge Falcon has run his office full-time, if elected he said he’ll continued the full-time service and availability and enhance the office in anyway that the people suggest.

“There isn’t too much that they can suggest because it’s already to the maximum,” Judge Falcon said, “But if somebody has a suggestion I’m open and available to them.”

“When they need my services they know they can get the judge at almost anytime,” Judge Falcon said who’s done well over 2,000 weddings in his tenure.

However, Brown believes there are some new things he’d like to implement if elected judge.

“I really want to use that position to have a ‘Night out against crime,’ and to work with the Sheriff’s department to bring the community together,” Brown said. “I have a lot of things planned and I look forward to serving the people in that area.”

Brown, who also is an ordained pastor, said he’s always been a public servant.

“I’m a servant for anybody who needs service. I volunteer my time in the schools, in the community and when there is an issue I’m always out and available,” Brown said. “I’m a person who walks of integrity, have moral excellence and everything that seat calls for. I think I have a lot more to offer to the community as a whole than what we’ve been getting.”

Judge Falcon said he has always run his office ready to serve, and added, “just by serving the people right you won’t have anything to worry about.”

“Do your job and serve the people,” Judge Falcon said. “Remember you are a public servant, you are not above the people. Be mindful of that at all times.”

Judge Falcon could’ve retired a long time ago, but he doesn’t believe in retirement.

“I’m scared of retirement,” Judge Falcon said. “Just about the time we think we have it made, the big boss sends that big subpoena. We work all our life and then we die. Nothing is permanent.”

Judge Falcon really likes the job and enjoys it. He said he has one of the most active offices in the state with the criminal jurisdiction, civil and special inherent powers, which include eviction suits, marriages, and acting coroner.

But Brown believes marriage is ordained by God and thinks a person that’s going to marry people should be ordained by God as well.

“When you go and get married and you don’t know if they are a Christian or not your marriage is almost doomed from the beginning,” Brown said.

Brown added: “It’s not a black thing or a white thing, it’s about a right thing. A Public Servant ought to be public always and not just during the election year. We’ve been having a lot of things that have been going on in our community and the leaders have never stepped up but now it’s time for the Justice of the Peace to be accountable for his position.”

Judge Falcon added: “You can’t take anything lightly, no matter how serious or not serious the candidate is you have to get out and hustle. I’ve got name recognition. After all these years people come to know you by name and who you are and what you do.”