Donaldsonville incumbents re-elected, one in runoff

Michael Tortorich

With the exception of one race going to a runoff, the City of Donaldsonville’s incumbent mayor and council member were re-elected to new terms Nov. 3.

Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan delivers updates Nov. 5 from City Hall. Sullivan secured his fifth term in office by receiving 61 percent of the vote against challengers Travis London and Glenn Price.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan won his fifth term, while council members Lauthaught Delaney and Charles Brown held off challengers. 

Chair Raymond Aucoin will face Kurt Mitchell in the Dec. 5 runoff election.

Also, Michael Sullivan defeated Thomas “Moose” Pearce to take the council seat of Brent Landry, who chose not to run this year.   

Previously, Reginald Francis regained his seat on the council after a court judgment found his opponent, Shentelle “Lou” Daigle, was registered outside of the city limits.

A group called the Donaldsonville Community Care Committee emerged over the summer, organizing a protest march through the city and rally at the River Road African American Museum. The event was in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The DCCC sparked a push to replace the mayor and all but one seat on the council. 

One such challenger, Russell Gray, ran against Delaney for the District 1 seat, but lost, 294 to 231 votes.

Another of the group's candidates, Mitchell, received 235 votes in the District 2 contest. Aucoin garnered 376 votes (48 percent) to lead the race, which included Jessica Wade Washington (120 votes) and David Hambrick (56 votes).

The DCCC also endorsed Trevis Fernandez, who placed second with 244 votes in the District 4 race. Brown won with 355 votes (53 percent). David Joseph finished with 72 votes.

In District 5, Sullivan received 361 votes (53 percent) to top Pearce’s 319.

The group endorsed Glenn Price in the mayoral race, in which Sullivan received 2,046 votes (61 percent) to Price’s 995 votes. Travis London had 292 votes.

In a statement released late on Election Day, Sullivan credited the work of volunteers, supporters, and family members during his campaign.

“We understand that there are things our citizens would like to have and we all want those things. Believe me. We encourage you to do your part, just as I will do mine. My team is ready to continue making Donaldsonville a wonderful place to work, live, play, and stay,” Sullivan’s statement read.

During his bi-weekly live update, he said all candidates are welcome to get involved with city government.

“We have always welcomed input and want to learn how to change and improve areas that need improvement,” he said.

In the First Justice Court Justice of the Peace race, Andrew Falcon and Tamiko Francis Garrison will be in a runoff.

Falcon garnered 1,553 votes (34 percent), while Garrison had 1,475 (32 percent). Dwayne Bailey tallied 980 votes, and Charles Sanders finished with 587.

In the First Justice Court Constable race, Jeffrey Henry won with 2,499 votes (55 percent). Murray Henry Walker had 1,177 votes, and Robert Gibson 856.

In the 23rd Judicial District Judge race for Division B, Cody Martin defeated Aaron Chaisson. Martin received 32,984 votes (52 percent) to Chaisson’s 30,725.

In the Division D race, Steven Tureau garnered 38,750 votes (61 percent) to top Christopher Bridges’ 24,649 votes.

The 23rd Judicial District includes Ascension, Assumption, and St. James parishes.