Another lawmaker leaves the Legislature: Clifton Republican Becky Nutt announces resignation from House

Ray Stern
Arizona Republic
Rep. Becky Nutt, R-Clifton, looks on during debate of HB 2898, a K-12 education bill, during the House Appropriations Committee hearing at the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix on May 25, 2021.

Corrections & Clarifications: In a previous version of this article, Sen. Sean Bowie, D-Phoenix, should not have been listed among those state lawmakers who have resigned this year. Bowie announced he would not seek a second term but plans to finish out this term.

State Rep. Becky Nutt is the latest lawmaker to leave the Legislature, with a surprise resignation announcement Thursday.

The Clifton Republican, who was first elected in 2016, wrote in a letter to House Speaker Rusty Bowers, R-Mesa, that Nov. 1 would be her last day. She did not say why she was leaving.

"It has been my great honor to serve with you, sir, and to be part of your leadership team these last three years," she wrote.

Andrew Wilder, spokesperson for Republican House members, said Nutt was leaving for unstated "personal reasons."

Nutt had served on the ethics committee and in 2018 was appointed to be the majority whip, a position that helps guide key legislation and drum up support for bills.

Under state law, leaders in the departing legislator's district — in this case District 14 — will submit three candidates to the region's board of supervisors, which will then select a new lawmaker from the same party who would serve out the rest of the legislator's two-year term.

Derek Rapier, Greenlee County administrator, said he had just learned of Nutt's departure and county leaders would discuss it before deciding next steps.

Legislative resignations this year — for reasons ranging from personal to criminal allegations to running for higher office — include: Aaron Lieberman, Bret Roberts, Kirsten Engle, and Tony Navarrete. Raquel Terán resigned her seat in the House when she was appointed to replace Navarrete in the Senate and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton also resigned from the House to fill Engle's Senate seat. Frank Pratt died earlier this year, creating a vacancy that was filled Wednesday. 

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