Letter from Editor:What if high heel shoes were banned in our state?

Allison B. Hudson

I was browsing the Internet for some new shoes last night, and came across a pop up that showed a place in the U.S. that bans women from wearing high heels. My heart dropped down to my knees because I could not imagine not being able to wear “sexy” high heels as a woman. Everyone who knows me knows high heels are my thing! I couldn’t believe my eyes of what I was reading.

In Carmel, Ca., where actor Clint Eastwood was mayor, has a famous historic ban on women wearing high heels. Though the law isn’t enforced, tourists can purchase a commemorative permit allowing them to wear the shoes. Who wants to get a permit to wear high heels, its not like we are trying to build a new building in the city.

After reading this, I did some research on possible other areas that may have this outrageous law, and I found that historic sites around Greece also have this law in place due to visitors damaging the historic and ancient locations with high heels.

Who would have thought high heels were banned in areas of the country.

If you plan on visiting these areas ladies, make sure to keep your high heels at home!