A new Chief in town

DeRon Talley

"Fear not little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

- Luke 12:32

Life can take you so many places so fast that you can find yourself lost mentally rather than physically. Since I graduated from ULM in May, I've been on a roller coaster – figuratively.

My first goal was to leave the country and find abundance in a foreign land. That plan was quickly aborted. I questioned what did I do wrong, why can't I continue my journey elsewhere? Simply put, it wasn't for me. Not yet. I still had business to take care of in the states. God had a different plan for me and when God has a purpose, it will be fulfilled.

I lodged with a stranger in Miami for about a week, which left my family and friends to worry about me constantly. That was no good.

I relocated to San Antonio, Texas to live with my uncle and aunt. That's where I began to see signs that God had, and still has, plans for me and they will be fulfilled no matter how far I try and stray away.

The first thing on God's agenda for me: Donaldsonville. I've landed here by the grace of God and I know that my time here will be most valuable as I lay the foundation for my adult life and career. In the time between graduating college and starting work as the Editor of this newspaper, I was exhausted mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I was bad off, but God never let me get to a breaking point. He kept me, then sent me here.

I came here not knowing anything about the historic D'Ville. But, with the help of many of you and the former Editor, Allison, I'm off to a confident start and I have already begun to feel like this is home.

I'm ready to learn all the things you readers will teach me because they will be the things that I carry with me through the rest of my career. I understand that and do not take it for granted. I thank you all for your welcomes and friendly smiles you have shown.

However, I'm going to need a lot of help from you readers in making this paper the best it can be. I ask that you all feel free to write Letters to the Editor, request stories and anything else you might need. I will do my best as Editor of the Chief to represent: God, myself, my family, and Donaldsonville in the highest way.

Again, I thank you all for having me and look forward to producing great work with and for you all.


DeRon L. Talley, Editor