Wannabe Card Sharks

Richard "Sarge" Garwood

There are two (2) ways to assess your political options: with positivism and dynamic, aggressive participation; or wait and see what happens and then react to the situation We can then clean up what's gone wrong as best we can and play "catch-up" as best we can. Beaurat Obama is the reactive, wait and see proponent. He wants to talk to Iran and sanction Iran and "pretty please" them into submission.

How's that workin' for ya, Barry? Are we safer from a nuclear armed Iran today than we were two years ago? Does still exist while under endless terrorist, guerrilla warfare attacks from "neighbors" with a genocidal agenda they fully articulated in 1948? These aggressors haven't stopped their progress toward their goal since they stated it.

Foreign policy is a pain. It requires you stand toe to toe with your enemies and know they're enemies. You don't accept the false smiles and friendly handshakes where the participants silently fight for dominance. From recognizably uncomfortable grip pressure, to whose palm is up and whose is down indicates just who'll get it slammed in his trunk. None of this is readily understood by people. It's a message sent silently and with a vengeance powerful enough to be noted in the cheap seats. Obama thinks because he can plot, plan and participate in national politics he has the chops to be a player on the world stage.

"Ain't so" says the Dealer.

The Dealer's the guy controls the cards. He dispenses the hand you'll use dependent on the luck of the drawer. At least you believe this if you're stupid enough to think Foreign Affairs isn't a game can be rigged. It is, always has been and always will be controlled by those with the biggest set of "manlies" to play at the big boys' table.

The stakes are high. In this game, WAR isn't a matter of slapping cards down and waiting to see who has the highest card. People die, and those unlucky enough to lose their stakes at the turn of a card pulled from a dealer's sleeve, live in bondage until the next hand is dealt. Foreign Affairs is more like Poker than what it could be: Bridge.

Poker is cutthroat. Bridge is teamwork and bilateral strategy developed to advance the team through circumstances not so opportune at times. Poker is, at first, man against the odds; then it becomes "mano-a-mano" until one player folds. Poker requires nerves of steel, a quiet determination to undermine the opponents' façade and crumble his attacks by bidding from a supposed position of power and strength. Bridge is diplomatic instead of overt combat; but it's still a battle for dominance. It's merely conducted with manners and a different posture.

Poker requires mental assault and penetration of an opponent's weaknesses. In order to do this you must accept intelligence coming in from the field and use it for your best benefit. You CANNOT work from your prejudices, predilections and prejudices. You must live in "real time" and not get caught with your ideals superseding your understanding of what is actually occurring. You can't succeed by being reactive.

Vladimir Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ayatollahs can't be overwhelmed with a winning smile and light banter. Chicago style politics have no impact on the stage these guys inhabit and wage war on. Cutthroat to an Islamist means something entirely different from what it means to Illinois politicians.

Islamists will really cut your throat to make their point. They'll bomb your daycare centers and launch rockets at your marketplaces. Obama can't understand this. He's too engaged with his "touchy-feely" brand of diplomacy where concessions are always offered before the negotiations even begin. Obama is a babe in the woods in comparison to the major players in this less than friendly game.

This election is a matter of two men sitting across the table from each other. They're endlessly searching for advantages to be taken over the defenses of the other.

If they can't get it together in this endeavor, how will they succeed on the world stage?

Card Sharks puts enemies in their place. Reactionaries fall quickly.

Thanks for listening