Tom Paine rides again

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Donaldsonville Chief

It looks like an oozing sense of purulent depression is lying heavily on Conservative's post-election laundry. This depression appears to be weighing down the once fervent hopes and determination to oust the Progressive platform leaders from their control of the White House. Everybody's acting like the battle's over. It is.

But the war continues. Obama and his minions hold one address in Washington and one house of a bi-cameral legislature. And that house, as powerful as it may seem, doesn't have control of the "family" budget making it a lot less powerful than it suggests. One only must see Harry Reid's anemic foot stamping to understand the old rule: "money talks and bullspitters (sic) walk". Admittedly it would have been more fun to watch Reid walk off of the political stage because he "can't work with Mitt Romney". Nevada, take note, Reid doesn't represent YOU, he does what he wants.

But, we can watch him tap-dance on the Constitution. I know; somebody's getting a nitroglycerin tablet because I said that. But, we still have time to show America just how badly he's affecting the nation and EVERY INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN'S RIGHTS as he shreds this noble document with his orthopedic clodhoppers. This war ain't over yet. The Fat Lady hasn't sung and my friends and I, as tired and disappointed as we might be with the election results, still have the ability and right to unmask these con-artists.

The American Revolution was initially a study in misfires and wet powder trying to overcome what appeared as the unbeatable. But the logistics of the Revolution were against the British. We were here and they came from thousands of miles away across an ocean. Re-establishing foreign fighting men's morale was virtually impossible because their leadership was demonstrably heavy-handed and without respect for those they made demands of. It's happening again. Congress replaces Parliament.

The Senate and the King, (sorry, I mean Obama) have made it a matter of us versus them: the people vs. the government. It's their history. And it's my challenge to them: just try and shut us up.

At the time I'm writing this I'm watching a five year old interact with her grandmother. It's a loving and sharing relationship. They thrive off of each other's strengths and strengthen each other beyond their weaknesses. Love does that. It betters us as we interact, it empowers us as we cooperate; it ennobles us as we learn from each other.

We hand OUR history to the next generation from loving hands. We don't rely on lies, displacements of truth and false interpretations of reality. That loving relationship is how we'll recognize and understand to survive as Americans we must oppose whatever Marxists and Crypto-socialists in the senate want us to ultimately become. American exceptionalism is a reality; not a theory.

America perceives history as recording what once was, what's passed and in the past. We wrongly define history as a statement of an action, its life, its consequences and its ending. We don't recognize history's a movement through time. It's fluid and inexorable in its ability to affect what comes next in the lives of a people, a nation and a world-order. History is an element of our national and personal DNA. It's a matter of what was still exists and directs the actions and development of the American. You can try to remove it but you can only artificially affect its influence; for awhile.

The host will always be an American.

So, what's next you ask? I've got a gauntlet. Tradition says throw it at the Obama and Reid's feet to inform them I (and my associates) are about to rock their pansy, un-American, social propagandist world. But, instead of throwing the gauntlet at their feet I intend to jack-slap them in their smug-ugly faces and leave them scarred and reminded always that they, as petty dictators and traitors before the Constitution, now have a war on your hands.

So; batten down friends, this world's about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Thomas Paine rides again. Only this time, there are hundreds more carrying his spirit into the fight.

Thanks for listening