What’s the priority these days?

DeRon Talley

Is the United States becoming so dysfunctional that it isn’t building for a better future anymore? One of the greatest benefits in the U.S.A. is being able to learn, work hard and achieve. We all are given the opportunity to dream and take the steps to reach them. However, as time goes on some of us are being stripped of that opportunity because we don’t fit in well with the normal system: the way I grew up and respond to things is different than the way others do. Because I respond differently, I break the rules and lose opportunities others get. That may be true for those older than 18, but for minors the opportunity to succeed should always be available. It starts with the education.

There’s a real problem with the education system. There’s beginning to be no benefit in it, especially if you aren’t that “star pupil.” For those students who are average or less than average, they have to fight for a bright futures. Those students who break rules and have behavior issues, can’t even fight for a future. Especially now that schools like AMIkids aren’t being funded properly. That’s wrong.

AMIkids is an institution for students with behavioral problems and are suspended from the public schools. At AMIkids they are still given an opportunity to learn, work hard and achieve. They still get opportunities despite their issues, which is how it should be.

In Donaldsonville, there is no longer an AMIkids due to the lack of funding. How is it possible in this great country for schools to be able to close down due to money? Doesn’t that threaten our future? The kids are our futures and if they aren’t given chances to learn, who will lead the country?

At AMIkids and other alternative schools for kids with behavior problems, they are still put into a classroom setting and learn book materials as in the public school, but they also are helped with developing character to be a productive citizen in the community. When the alternative schools are taken away from these kids, get no longer are treated no taught. That’s a problem and it should be corrected for the benefit of the community and nation. The future of this country starts with our kids and the education they receive. It’s a priority they learn how to become productive rather than destructive.

The community suffers when kids aren’t in schools that benefit them most. They will drop out and possibly become another menace to society that keeps the jails and graveyards full of young teens.

The government needs look into ways to permanently fund programs for schools like AMIkids, because these schools are non-profit and are strictly there to give kids opportunities get no where else. Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish and the surrounding parishes will miss the AMIkids program. I just hope, for the kid’s sake, there is a place for them prosper, or either changes will be made and the AMIkids Donaldsonville door will be opened again. We need it. It’s a priority.