John Boehner, Squeaker of the House has spoken. He’s more like a House Mouse. Nancy Pelosi has greater effectiveness than Boehner, even though his tan rivals her Botox treatments for exposing personal insufficiencies. Their attempts at appearing vital and dynamic are distractions covering their ability to speak in circles leading this nation nowhere.

Boehner, possessing as stentorian a rumble as could ever be hoped for, has risen to the title of Master of Cliché. He oratorically speaks concerning the “Fiscal Cliff” so much we can only wish he’d find a real one and jump from it. The man talks daily and manages to say nothing of value.

He’s the poster child for political flaccidity. No number of little blue pills can quell the disappointment we feel. But, he keeps showing us he has the pills. He keeps saying things he wants us to hear while there’s no strength behind his performance. You can’t get where you’re trying to go with nothing more than promises, wine and mood music: you have to have the equipment, obviously in good working order, and a willingness to try something different once in a while.

The Republican Party is a group of lonesome steers aimlessly wandering in a herd directed by cattle rustlers. As seen in the last election, the “Grand Old Party” (?) has all the stampeding strength of a goat roping at a Kiddie Rodeo. They put their heads down, paw at the earth and charge blindly toward where they last saw the adversary. They don’t understand they’re head rushing a mirror because they’re their own worst enemy.

Even though the GOP holds a majority in the House they lost seats in the Senate. Status update: status quo. Nothing changed because of an intransigence and inability to articulate just how they would make things better.

Romney was chosen by the usage of an antiquated system where money talks and B.S. walks. Romney fit perfectly into the shell cast for political wannabees. He’s photogenic and faultlessly polite, calm and deliberative in public and as bland in perception as a spoon full of flour based wallpaper paste. He has all of the apparent needs a party could hope to fulfill except the ability to attract votes in key states. This is not Romney’s fault. He is what, and who he is.

But, the GOP chose a candidate based on looks, available money to campaign with and the fact he was without the specter of controversy (until Obama played the Class Warfare Card.) The GOP continued moving toward the campaign without fully addressing this Marxist drivel until it traveled the distance from murmur to mantra. It became a talking point of incredible force and power that by its mere movement from one person’s lips to another’s ear became a battle cry overpowering any hope of debatable discourse. The Democrat’s control and direction through social media and staying in contact with the people on the ground turned this election. The GOP has no clue how to do this; yet.

This is Boehner’s fault. This is McConnell’s fault. This is the fault of every fundamentalist whack job demanding we turn over every apple-cart while searching for evidence Obama is not an American. We know he’s not an American! Nobody with his track record could say he’s an American at heart. He’s a revolutionary wanting to fundamentally change America.

But nobody in America seems to want to hear it, deal with it or act on it. That means MOVE ON GOP! Develop new issues. Start articulating better concerning these issues. Use the word LIARwhen speaking about these policies we KNOW will bankrupt this nation fiscally and morally. The GOP has had its head stuck up its nether regions for so long they forgot that when they pull it out there’s a whole world of new aromas to be enjoyed.

Boehner and McConnell, issuing more pabulum before the masses, must recognize they’re trying to feed the people watered down, weakened grain when we need some real protein.

If we can’t have meat eaters looking to work for the pack; we need to get rid of the sick old coyotes masquerading as wolves.

Thanks for listening