The journey isn't always a cakewalk


I've always heard the phrase, "Pressure bursts pipes," but it wasn't until last weekend that I understood the severity of that phrase. Jovan Belcher, a 25-year-old NFL player, murdered his long time girlfriend and mother of his 3-month-old newborn daughter. Soon after, he killed himself. Despite what the reports say caused Belcher to commit these acts, as I write at 22 years old, I cannot understand what could lead one to those actions.

I don't know who Belcher was personally, so I cannot and will not talk on what he did in handling the situation. At this point, there is no need for that because the action has already taken place. I feel my duty now on this is to maintain I will not find any urge to commit such acts and help any others from falling into the same situation.

What I've found in my journey is that peace, happiness and success do not come easy in this world. I don't think it was ever meant to be easy, for if so the dilemmas we face with things such as hunger and drug wars wouldn't take place. However, finding those elements to make us feel loved and content with ourselves are obtainable. But, we must look in the right places for them. For me, I look to the heavens above first for the peace of mind.

Without my faith, I've felt and I feel misled and often confused, not knowing how or what to think. That's when the negative thoughts slip in and it's possible to start believing the thoughts swirling in my head. Once it takes full control of my thoughts, I act. Many times I act out of character and when that happens self-destruction begins. That is possible for any and all of us, and unfortunately it seems to me that is what happened to Belcher. His negative thoughts consumed him and before he knew it, he was regretting what probably was just a quick blur.

I pray daily to fight off the negative thoughts. I know the devil wants the glory just as much as God wants it. I don't, can't and won't allow evil-thoughts to control me because the bright future promised for me can be taken in a blink of an eye. Finding myself in a position where I have regret and remorse on my heart wouldn't be good because I represent God, myself and my family. All three I want to make proud. In order to make them proud, I have to remember whom my help comes from and whom I belong to. With that, the journey for success, as I call, will continue. Life will run long and fluently, as does the Mississippi River. On the journey, I expect hard times and opposing forces because I know those are the tests I need to make it to the next level. I've come to think of them as standardized life tests, similar to what we had in school; pass this test, you graduate. Life appears no differently.

So, I charge all not to conform to the evil thoughts that may consume us. Be strong and most importantly just don't forget whom we are.