Dribbling bowling balls


John Boehner is an experienced golfer and coming from the Ohio he probably has more than a passing acquaintanceship with bowling. This is all well and good but for the fact he’s playing a game with Beaurat Obama where Obama is a semi-pro and Boehner is a rank amateur.

I’m speaking of Basketball of course. You know; a sport requiring nimble movements, the chance to maneuver and gain superior placement on the court and rapid acceleration to a point where you have a clear shot at the basket. The Democrats have a team leading, pushing and prodding his team to supremacy in the league they play in.

None of this describes Boehner. Boehner’s in there trying to dribble a bowling ball. He keeps trying to chip the ball into the net while stuck in the sand trap the GOP has become. Actually, the GOP entrapment is more akin to a swamp. They have no firm foothold and keep looking at (but fail to recognize) the written, published and practiced Rules for Radicals Obama uses as a strategic manifesto concerning political operations. Boehner and his crew are throwbacks to Henry L. Stimson during World War II. Stimson didn’t want to get his hands dirty by using spies before a World War. George Washington was America’s first, great spy master. He didn’t play by the rules governing contact with the enemy.

But, John Boehner looks and sounds impressive when he speaks. His voice is a low rumble assuring us he stands for something. We don’t know what it could be outside of capitulating at every possible chance rather than actually fight the destructive economic policies Beaurat Obama is pushing hard to accomplish. Boehner’s an empty suit rivaled only by Obama when it comes to the needs of and best wishes for the American people and their government. Where Obama started slowly, he’s now emboldened; gathering steam propelling him and his agenda to fundamentally ruin America. He’s proving he’s got a “set” to rival any prior president for his audacity as a dope.

Boehner needs a man’s “set” to deal with this program and get out in front of BO's machinations. But Boehner’s impotence has been witnessed in his whimpering responses to BO's power plays. Boehner has regular dealt with Obama politely and with extreme deference toward his position. Boehner has resolutely stood fast in his positions. Like a statue, he’s stood as the emblematic standard of what a dead hero looks like while still actually having a pulse. We’ve gained nothing of substance showing he’s fighting for America’s ideals and goals. He bails out before the plane leaves the hangar.

He’s the Squeaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi, the former Mouth of the House has greater testicular fortitude. She rallies her followers better than Boehner. Harry Reid is the worn-out broom Pelosi rides to work on daily. Harry need only let his blood congeal a little more and the Senate grinds to a halt. Boehner can only admire Harry for his efficiency at standing in place to block any and all legislation brought before the Senate no matter what the effect might be on the economy. Boehner surely hasn’t done much to counteract it.

The Democrats and Republican’s ability to stand fast to the time honored traditions of civility, Machiavellian politesse and political correctness has allowed the guerrilla Democrats to ride roughshod over the American people. Boehner’s the little boy trying to stem the impending levee breach with his little wiener when he really needs to sand bag the hell out the Senate with all the truth, chicanery and devious tactics the Democrats use. Boehner needs to learn how to fight fire with fire or admit the fix (dramatic capitulation delivering self-serving profit for the Republicans) is in.

The only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the differing priorities laid out on how OUR money will be spent to best suit them. We're being beaten on the court. They control the ball. There’s no chance of getting into the game with these thieves on the court. I say shut down the damned arena and throw the bums out.

Thanks for listening