2012 in review


Now that 2012 is over, I think it is fair to talk about the things I’ve had to overcome in that year. It’s easy to say the biggest feat we all beat was living past the Mayan Calendar date of the world ending. But, those personal feats are and were the hardest to take command of. All I can say is, thank God. I made it.

In January 2012. I was the sports editor for my college’s student newspaper. At that time, all I wanted to do was write sports and travel the world. By February and March, I traveled to Tennessee and New York for writing conferences and collect some writing awards. I was on my way, I thought. As time got closer to graduate with my Bachelor’s life really took a turn for me: I met a special lady-friend whom I grew more attached to daily. During my last semester of school, I prayed to start a new chapter in my life once I graduated but God sent her early and unexpectedly. Before I met her, I booked a flight to Tenerife, Canary Islands and as we grew together that time where we knew we’d separate was not as exciting as it once was for me.

July 4, the American Independence day. Well, it was supposed to be mine too: my escape from America to begin my travels of the world. As I’ve told you before, I never made that trip. With those plans cancelled, I came back to her basically. Our bond grew, but I had no idea where my career would start and how it turn out. For months I was without: without money, without work, and losing hope. I stayed strong in the Lord and from July to October, I developed. The struggles I endured during that time broke me and restored me to be better. I applied for tens and hundreds of writing jobs all over the country and received little to no feedback. All were asking for experienced writers. Well, God had something bigger and better for me. People told me that, but after so long - like I said - you start to lose hope. I maintained upbeat and then I got a call saying there is a position that will be opening at the Donaldsonville Chief.

Well, here I am filling the position and doing it to the best of my ability. I’ve learned that once you’ve been without for so long, when you finally get something you tend to appreciate it a whole lot more. You cherish it, and treat it with the utmost respect because it wasn’t too long ago that I was praying and begging God for any opportunity that He saw fit for me.

2012 is in the books. I’ve had ups and downs and been all around. I thank God for every second of that year and I hope he continues to bless me in 2013 as he did in 2012. I learned that there is no success without first a test. Those weak and down moments I had only made me better, stronger and wiser. With God leading me, there is nothing that can and will stop me from living my dreams. So look out 2013, here I come.